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Moving can be exhausting.
Connecting your internet is easy.

One Month free

Your super fast
internet is ready
to be connected!

Your building and apartment is connected to one of Australia’s fastest private fibre optic networks. Powered by DGtek’s advanced, private, fibre optic network, our Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) connection delivers a faster, cheaper and higher-quality internet connection than ever experienced before.

With speeds up to 1000 Mbps you can say goodbye to buffering and enjoy crystal clear video streaming, low latency and superior gaming capability.

Make the switch to refreshingly fast internet today!

  • Fibre to the premises
  • Faster than the NBN
  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Congestion free internet 24/7

Sign up now!

Make the switch today!

Enter the BUILDING number only – for example, 256 City Road, Southbank.

(Your apartment, unit or level number is not required)

Our internet isn’t the only thing that’s
refreshingly fast.
Get connected in less
than 72 hours.

^During standard business operating hours.

Frequently asked questions

Does Pineapple use the NBN?

Pineapple Net utilises the DGtek Fibre Broadband Network Pineapple Net is powered by the DGtek network, DGtek own and operate
their own 100% fibre optic network. This means that from your property, to the data centre, your connection uses 100% fibre
connections! No copper, no old phone lines, just fast, reliable fibre optics.

How is Pineapple Net superior to my current service?
Pineapple Net offers:
-Faster and cheaper than competitors. You pay less for more;
-No lock on contracts;
-No installation/connection foes;
-Symmetrical download/upload speeds which is great for streaming and saving data in the cloud;
-No downtime/disruptions in peak evening periods;
-Powered by the DGTek fibre optic network
Is there an installation fee? How many devices can I run on this router? What do I do with my old router?

No connection fees are applied to your account.

You can BYO a router and speak with our tech support team who can assist you with the set up or you can purchase a Pineapple Net supplied router which can be paid for in full or paid over 12 months.

The Pineapple Net supplied router can typically service up to 1000mbps of data which typically equates to at least 20 4k TV’s
streaming all at once. You are free to use your old router if you choose or hold onto it for any other purposes you may require it for.

I have never heard of Pineapple Net. How do I know it will be around in 12 months time?

Pineapple Net has been providing high quality fibre straight to the premises for over 8 years and passes through over 40k homes in
Melbourne. We plan to delight customers with a faster and cheaper internet option for many years to come.

Are there residents in this building already connected and using Pineapple Net ?

Yes the secret is out and there are some happy customers already enjoying the benefit of having fibre connected to their home
powered by DGtek’s network which is able to provide the fastest and cheapest internet in Melbourne.

Lead times from signing to installation. How long is installation?

As part of our sign up process we can book in an installation 48 hrs in advance on a mutually agreeable date that suits you. Installation
typically takes about 45-60 mins.

I'm on a month-to-month lease. I have less than 12 months left in my lease.

Our contracts are no lock-in, if you do move and you’re still in the DGtek network we can transfer your account.

*One Month Free credit will be applied to your active account on the 7th month after installation. Offer not available in conjuction with any other offer.